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in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ >>> i'm meteorologist olga breese. after a cloudy start this morning, we'll see midday sunshine but the clouds will return later this afternoon. look for showers and thunderstorms to develop. highs today in the low 80s. >> thank you so much, olga. >>> we're taking a look now on the beltway northbound gw parkway. ramp to the inner loop of the beltway where authorities are dealing with this accident here and expect some delays trying to get on to the beltway leaving the gw parkway. i'll have more on this and also an accident on 270 at 6:18. back to you. >>> at 6:12 this wednesday morning, here are some of the stories making news. we're trying to get more information on two explosions which happened this morning in syria. at least one went off near the army command building. it may be a response to an explosion at a school yesterday. two people were killed then. >>> black and hispanic children go unrestr
options. >> options are good. thanks, jess. >>> our time is coming up on 6:08. give your home an energy makeover. win some money. in five minutes, how you can enter and some other ideas to keep your home lean and green. >>> slowly but surely the rain is moving out of the area this morning. we may have some more showers tonight, however. howards coming up next with your weather first. >>> but first, mike hydeck will be celebrating tomorrow because it's national coffee day. on average 54% of americans drink some kind of coffee drink each day. another 30% has a cup every now and then. that's like me. >> i have a lot more than now and then. compared to the world we're number 25 when it comes to coffee consumption per capita. finland is number one. norway follows up and then iceland. 65% of coffee drinkers have at least one cup at breakfast. 35% of people drink their coffee black. >>> welcome back. howard here with your weather first. we're looking at a mix of sun and clouds. this evening a few more storms are likely. look for an afternoon high right around the 80-degree mark. >>> howard, th
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-capacity dryer reduces energy use by up to 35%. >> drew: john what do you bid? >> 1900. >> drew: $1900. >> 2200. >> drew: leizel? >> 2201. >> jillian? >> 1423. >> drew: 1423. actual retail price is $1,99 l 8. john, come on up here. nice to have you, welcome to the show. >> good to see you. >> drew: ohio state is hosting the ohio state michigan game this year? >> yes, they are. >> drew: i think i might thrb. in the meantime, guess what we've got for you, go ahead, george. >> george: a new harley! ( cheers and applause ) this harley-davidson sportster 72 boasts an air-cooled 1,200-cc evolution engine, chrome exhaust, self-canceling turn signals, and a tapered peanut fuel tank. >> drew: the game is called the range game. in a second this red area is going to start going up the scale here, when you see the price of the harley in the red area hit the button. if you're right you win the harley. ready? here we go. amber isxd waiting, i'm waiting. you'd look -- you look good onñr a harley, amber. no helmet law in ohio, either, you can ride it just like that. $12,200 is the low number. coming up to 12,
that its nuclear energy is not weapons grade but for peaceful purposes like medical treatments. on thursday, israel's prime minister netanyahu had none of it. >> so at this late hour, there's only one way to peacefully present iran from getting atomic bombs and that's by placing a clear red line on iran's nuclear weapons program. red lines don't lead to war. red lines prevent war. >> the prime minister has urged the u.s. to set clear nuclear thresholds for iran. red lines, he said, meaning if iran crosses a red line, military action will be taken by israel. question, in the "wall street journal" this week, alan dershowitz called on obama to forget netanyahu's red line based on a qualifiable amount of enriched uranium and instead declare a black line. the u.s. will not tolerate iran to be in possession of nuclear arms. so who's right? the red line or the black line? mort? >> the israelis feel that if as netanyahu was pointing out, if you get the nuclear capabilities within 15 days of being able to launch rockets against israel, that is a disaster for israel. it is an existential threat. the
've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce energy more safely. i want you to know, there's another commitment bp takes just as seriously: our commitment to america. bp supports nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs in communities across the country. we hired three thousand people just last year. bp invests more in america than in any other country. in fact, over the last five years, no other energy company has invested more in the us than bp. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. today, our commitment to the gulf, and to america, has never been stronger. . >>> good morning. welcome to 9news now. today is monday, october 1. i'm andrea roane. >>> if you like fall, you're going to feel it when you head out the door. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. beverly farmer is in for monika samtani today with time timesaver traffic. howard bernstein is here with the weather. >>> nice comeback with the patriots. we'll get to weather. they made a good run. oh, my goodness. weather wise, let's get going with the forecast because we've got a chilly start out
of energy. just real energetic. >> an awesome neighborhood. great people that live here. for that to happen is just, words can't describe. >> police have not told us cause of death yet and they are not releasing names, pending notification of family. we do, however, know that their oldest son was a sophomore at westfield high school and the younger son was in 8th grade at rachel carson middle school and counselors will be on hand tomorrow. derek. >> of course, the big question tonight, why did this happen? peggy fox, thank you. >>> deal or no deal? tomorrow, members of pepco's electrical union workers will vote on whether or not to accept a contract proposal from the utility. a pepco spokeswoman says if the workers end up going on strike, there should be no disruption to service or repairs. the power company has contractors on stand by, but the union president says they are not solid replacements. >>> they are not here like we are. our members are members of the community, contractors come and go. >> the labor dispute surrounds the wages, the benefits, and other issues that impact them.
, having an american energy policy. north dakota has 2.7% unemployment. the governor of north dakota has a billion-dollar rainy day fund and they've had three tax cuts in a row. now romney should be focusing on that kind of big choice, and it's not really right or left so much as it is common sense versus fuzzy ideas they don't work. >> schieffer: they've also discovered oil out there. but i'll ask you about that in a little bit. we'll be back in one minute with a little analysis of this. it's something you're born with. and inspires the things you choose to do. you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter. >> schieffer: we're back now to talk more about the election and these upcoming debates can marsha blackburn, bob shrum who writes for the "daily beast "the adviser and consultant of course for john kerry. and larry sabato who runs the university of virginia center for pol techs. larry, let m
the industry so we can all produce energy more safely. i want you to know, there's another commitment bp takes just as seriously: our commitment to america. bp supports nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs in communities across the country. we hired three thousand people just last year. bp invests more in america than in any other country. in fact, over the last five years, no other energy company has invested more in the us than bp. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. today, our commitment to the gulf, and to america, has never been stronger. >>> driverless cars. i kid you not. driverless cars have taken a big step forward to become a reality in california and from our san francisco affiliate, hands-free driving could save lives. >> today we're looking at science-fiction becoming tomorrow's reality. the self-driving car. >> reporter: governor jerry brown arrived at google's headquarters in a self-driving car to accelerate california's self-driverless cars. it directs the dmv to adopt regulations. the governor signed the legislation in front of an audience of google employ
was full of energy. just real energetic. >> sometimes when we had snowstorms and vdot hadn't cleaned up, he would help out and clear people's driveways for them. he was a good neighbor. he was a good guy and good family. >> police haven't released names yet pending notification of next of kin. we do know their oldest son was a sophomore at westfield high school and their younger son in 8th grade at rachel carson. counselors will be there tomorrow. peggy fox, 9news now. >> an ugly labor battle brewing between pepco and the international brotherhood of electrical workers. those are the men and women who fixed those power lines after the storm strike. the contract is over health, welfare, and other benefits. they are expected to vote tomorrow on what pepco calls its last, best, and final contract offer. the leader says pepco cannot rely on backup contractors if the weather turns nasty. >> we are the people that keep the lights on. not the management. we're the ones out in the bucket trucks and in the manholes and on the streets. >> a spokesperson says the utility does not want to stri
but trying to forecast the individual little ripples of energy or low pressure along that, this is a meteorological nightmare in a sense for timing. i can tell you the chances are going to be but to -- to be there but to pick out an individual feature, it's tough. today looks good. perhaps a few more clouds this afternoon. highs mid-70s. tonight, we could see a shower, especially north of town during the overnight period toward tomorrow morning. south of town i think you'll be generally dry. on wednesday we're good through lunch time. then in the afternoon can't rule out a spotty shower, especially north again. look at the difference up in pennsylvania on wednesday. then wednesday night into thursday, we're going to watch that front. the models here at least trying to keep it up into pennsylvania. i think it's going to be closer to us so we'll have better rain chances than what this particular model is showing. nice today, 76. a few more clouds this afternoon. 50s and low 60s tonight. it won't be nearly as chilly. tomorrow warmer 84. chance for an afternoon shower or thund
) this beachcomber hybrid hot tub combines a sealed insulation package with an energy saver management system to provide a much more efficient tub. comfortable design and quality construction from beachcomber hot tubs. >> drew: let's say you know dog food, let's say we get the camping equipment and the hot tub, you got another little journey on the golden road, it the end of the golden road, and it's a famous game on "the price is right" because there's always a huge prize at the end. huge. and today, the golden road prize at the end of the golden road is worth over $73,000. ( cheers and applause ) >> i'm a student, i need this. >> drew: well, listen, if you win this, i'll be high fiving you all day. george, tell us all about it. >> george: a new car! ( cheers and applause ) it's the audi a-7 prestige. this luxury five-door coupe features a three-liter engine, innovation package, carbon fiber rear license frame, a 12- volt cooling bag, and rechargeable mini flashlight. it's the audi a-7. >> drew: let's start with the dog food, i'll show you how much dog food is now aways, 61 cents. follow me
piece of energy means more showers and storms will be possible late this afternoon into the evening hours. maybe the first part of the night. so if you've got plans during the day they should be okay. but the ravens are home tonight. that may get impacted. this morning the showers and storms up to our north, you see this cluster of lightning and thunder which is passing and has passed our northern counties in frederick and carol and now passing baltimore county. but we've got more showers which are coming out of hancock along 70 headed toward hagerstown and green castle. so those areas we'll have to watch. we may see it slip toward the martinsburg area in a chill. temps running in the 60s. manassas has fallen to 59. it's 67 at andrews. 64 in crofton and rockville. 66 for leesburg. 62 in centreville at this hour. and here in washington doesn't look bad at all outside on our michael & son weather camera. cloudy skies. the lights are on. good visibility here. a quiet morning so far on wisconsin avenue. 67 degrees at national. winds south at 6. the dew points now in the 60s. a couple da
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are youable -- at a renewable energy conference. during the summer every city building was switched over to wind power. the switch helped the district win the environmental protection agency's green power community challenge. >>> toys 'r' us wants to hire 45,000 seasonal workers across the country for the upcoming holiday shopping rush. that's nearly a 13% jump from 40,000 workers the company hired last year. toys 'r' us says part of the increase is to help fulfill some customer orders that are made with the new online shipping options. workers are also going to staff nearly 200 temporary toys 'r' us stores they're hoping for the holidays. >>> a california judge has order add review of singer chris brown's probation. this comes amid questions about his travel and how many community service hours he actually has completed. concerns were also raised regarding a drug test which showed brown tested positive for marijuana. the singer remains on probation for the february 2009 beating of his then girlfriend singer rihanna. >>> the cbs crime drama celebrates its premiere in new york. >> a forme
, and layers of security also that, again, may not be visible on the street. >> the new building is energy efficient and has already won some awards for its modern design. wendy and jim? >> all righty. thank you, tom. >>> veronica joins us now. could be a busy night for you guys in the weather center. >> with a lot of rain. we won't have any severe weather coming our way this evening, but we are going to see the rain move in. so it's going to get a little sloppy. and sloppy especially by tomorrow morning. so plan accordingly. you might want to give yourself a little extra time for tuesday morning's rush. let's head outside and see what's going on. clouds already here. temperatures not bad. upper 60s to right around 70 degrees. tomorrow is going to be warmer. most of this week we'll see highs in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees. and you know what, so far 11 consecutive months have been above average. that's the longest stretch that we've had around here since october 1990. and '91. so again, we're talking about some more warmth coming our way. we're at 71 degrees now with a cloudy sky. hu
, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ >>> texting finding or receiving nude pictures or racy pictures over text. >> a young woman tells mike how one picture is having lifelong consequences. >> it was full body and i wish to this day i hadn't sent it because it changes everything. >> reporter: this girl says a bitter ex-boyfriend shared her sexting photos with her students after a breakup. the shame and embarrassment led to a severe depression. >> i've tried cutting myself several times. i tried choking myself to make myself pass out and keep it there and just die. >> reporter: on the streets, teens say sexting is a bigger problem than parents and authorities know. >> the fact that you think i'm going to lower myself and give that to you. >> they ask for a face shot and the next question would be can i have a full body shot. >> reporter: recently university of texas res surveyed 1,000 high school students, and 30% of them admitted to texting nude photos of themselves. that'
for the associated care within it. we need doctors that are aware of and ready to put their energy into it. so it goes across the board in terms of where >>> next, some final thoughts from our panel on science in an age of austerity. >>> now in its 20th year, visit biocentury.com for the most indepth biotech news and analysis and visit biocenturytv.com for exclusive free content. >>> let's get some final thoughts of making scientific progress in an era of austerity. >> there will be cuts. it's more than just n.i.h. when you're talking about scientific research, medical scientific research and you're talking about the cdc. you are talking about the fda and various others. it's a question of controlling what those cost reductions are going to be and emphasizing the importance of it. we need to get the message out of the good that's been done and got that can be done. >> dr. williams? >> i would follow up on that and say that i think there's abundant evidence to say that publicly funded science has really transformed human health over the course of the last several decades. we've literally added
for natural energy, i'm ready for whatever they get into. get your free sample at myemergenc.com. stay healthy and feel the good. >> drew: welcome back everybody to "the price is right". roger, let's start with you. you had the first showcase, the first showcase was scuba gear, trip to belize and a ski boat. you bid $23,420. actual retail price, $26,257. a difference of $2,837. david, you passed on the first showcase, you bid $35,000. actual retail price, $48,635. a difference of sbr 13,000. roger! you're on your way to belize! don't forget to, to get your pet spayed or neutered. we'll see you next time on "the price is right". bye-bye. >> george: this is george gray speaking for "the price is right," a fremantle media production! captioned by media access group at wgbh access.wgbh.org
is a big guy. kind of burly guy and she was smaller and they were a cute couple and she was full of energy. just real energetic. >> sometimes when we had snowstorms, he would help out and clear people's driveways for them and he was a good neighbor. he was a good guy and good family. >> now we understand, first of all, the police are not releasing the names of the family pending notification of kin. but we do understand that the parent owned family office supply business, but have since closed that business and the father worked in it. we also understand that the oldest son is a sophomore at west field high school was a sophomore and the other son, 8th grader, at rachel carson. there will be counselors tomorrow. back to you. >> peggy, just wonder what would cause such devastation. let's hope they get answers soon, thank you. >>> sea hawks win in the most bizarre finish you'll ever see. >> you got that right. the monday night meltdown. the inaccurate reception. the fail mary. whichever those cliches you latch on to. last night's matchup between the packers and the seahawks was like an e
such as certification, carbon offset and made with renewable energy or material claims. the ftc says the guidelines are also a win for consumers who will want to purchase greener products and can believe more about the labels that they're written on. >> good to know. >> and amex will let you know if you get any money back. >> i'll have to start opening that stuff that looks like junk to on him. >>> i'm not overly terrified but i don't want to be outside. >> the 73-year-old grandfather is accused of fatally shooting his daughter-in-law, tammy palmer, outside her home last monday. the 39-year-old mother of two. >> the victim is my daughter. she's 30 something years old. she doesn't deserve to be dead. >> reporter: tammy palm her taken out an order of protection against her husband, a move that allegedly angered her father-in-law. police say eugene palmer admitted the murder to his sister before disappearing into the wilderness. the following day police found his truck nearby and bloodhounds traced his scent to a camp site before the trail went cold. >> he had not found one piece of evidence other th
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of -- it's a release of energy. she does it when she's happy. >> dr. phil: she's been at times very focused and at times wandering. is this fairly typical of her level of functioning? >> yep, yep. >> dr. phil: i appreciate you giving us this time today and letting me spend time with her. thank you for coming. so proud to meet you. okay. so now, at this point she is pretty regulated on her meds, right? >> yes. >> dr. phil: so that's a -- i want people to know. >> she has a level of psychosis, a basis of psychosis -- >> like what people just saw right there, she was on at that time what 600 milligrams of lithium. 250 of plauzapine, which is an anti psychotic and 75 milligrams of thorazene. if any of us took that, we'd be in a coma a walk. >> dr. phil: if she got below those levels -- >> it's goes faster and faster until she goes crazy. that's what happens. >> dr. phil: next, we're going to talk about the issues that susan and michael are having in their marriage that led one of them to actually betray the other. we're going to talk about the reality of that when we come back. [applause] >> ou
, donating a million hearing aids for children in developing countries and bringing solar energy to rural thailand. >> what's the goal? >> to lead a purposeful, meaningful life. that's one of the things that unifies those of us here. >> chelsea is very much involved with her family now. she's on the clinton foundation. she's involved with gi. she's going to oxford and teaching at nyu. >> not doing very much. >> almost in a sense from one who is trying to find exactly but given the sense she's beginning to settle in as part of the family. >> do you think she's leaning towards politic? >> i don't know. >> going to be interesting to see. >> i have a bit of that. because she had experience in 2008 which was not a happy experience. >> she did mention how much her grandparents, her parents want something, those right? >> first thing she said is they want a grandchild. they want a grandchild. >> all right. >> dwight yoakam is here this morning. he just put out a country album. he'll ♪ ♪ take hold of my hand >>> doing everything right. >> grammy winner dwight yoakam has sold 25 million albums
lots of energy. jarod: now, that's amazing. like, in the reptile world, he's pretty much using the same sort of technology or the same physiology as another desert animal, the camel, because the camel has that fat stored up to keep them going, when food and water just isn't available. gila monster, beautiful desert animal found right here in the mojave. lloyd, thank you so much for showing us. and let's go check out some more desert dwellers. next on animal exploration, the most endangered wolf in the world and later, a tale of two tortoises. sweetie, you have to scrub it first. no you don't, honey. yes, you do! don't! i've washed a few cupcake tins in my day... oh, so you're a tin expert now. is that... whoa nelly! hi, kitchen counselor here. he's actually right... with cascade complete. see cascade complete pacs work like thousands of micro-scrubbing brushes to help power away tough foods even in corners and edges. so, i was right, right? i've gotta run. more households use cascade dishwashing detergent than any other brand. did you know when heartburn, it's too late to take prilosec
, full of energy and all that. so i definitely, i said to myself i don't remember ever having met someone like this that had a package and being stock market and quick. >> you tell a story about meeting her mother at this event. do you remember what you said to her about maria? >> yeah. something stupid, obviously. i said your daughter has a great ass. >> that's what you said to your mother? >> i had too much to drink i think. i had some good california wine. >> is that for real? did i just hear that? >> to maria shriver's mother. >> my mouth is open too. >> yeah. also in that interview schwarzenegger told lesley stahl he fought with terminator director over the line "i'll be back." >> in the book you say you had a big argument, you didn't want to deliver the line that way, you wanted to change the line. >> i always had difficulties with the "i will be back." i felt weird about it. it didn't sound right only because -- >> you wanted to say "i will be back." >> maybe i should say "i will be back." cameron said see arnold i don't tell you how to act. never. because you're terrific. that's w
and energy and effort of your own and others to make the clinton global initiative a success. at this point, what's your proudest achievement? >> the thing itself, that is we've had eight years of people from all over the world, from the richest people in the world to people representing the poorest people in the world, being flown in here so they can be a part of it. getting together and making very specific commitments to try to change lives in concrete ways. and it's worked. i just had this feeling that if people were at the meeting and actually produced something, promised some time, some money, some expertise and then they kept that promise, that it would make a difference in the lives of other people, and the ideaisf what i'm proudest of. it's given people all over the world and all different levels of wealth and knowledge and skill and standing in society a chance to come together. >> i just returned from haiti, a place that you have also spent a lot of time, a lot of effort, raised a lot of money. one of the questions that comes up from a place like haiti is there are pledges and th
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